On-Demand Coaching

On-Demand Coaching members receive full access to the Real Estate Coaching Essentials program, providing a wealth of coaching and training on crucial topics for success such as  lead-generation & followup strategies, sales & objection-handling scripts, our proven pre-listing & listing process, as well as business planning, time-management, team building and leadership training.

You can hire a one on one personal coach that you talk with a couple of times a month and pay thousands of dollars. Or you can join our On Demand coaching program and get coaching when you need it. 

We Teach Exactly What to Say I Exactly When To Say It I Exactly Who To Say It To

Learning exactly what to say, when to say it and Who to say it to in every sales situation is so important not only to become successful but more importantly to stay successful.

Why we are so affordable

We believe that you need coaching when you need it. Typically when you hire a coach you schedule a couple time slots and that coach ask you a few questions about how your business is going and what is your biggest challenge since your last call and to top it off most coaching firms hire coaches that are not currently in the Real Estate business and some have NEVER been in the Real Estate business.

Our On-Demand Coaching program works this way You call and we talk for as long as you want. While we are on the phone another student calls, and I will call them when you and I are finished. Simple and affordable, and you get way more coaching when you need it! 

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